Why Cloud Communications?

How Platinum Networks hosted communications solutions help your business.

Why Cloud Communications? Today’s cloud communications technologies empower your business with unprecedented voice and data capabilities, with none of the capital expenditure or maintenance costs of traditional on-premise technology. It’s the fastest and most cost effective way for you to gain the latest communications technology, hands down.


Substantial savings

When you host your communications in the cloud, you won’t have any of the capital expenses, maintenance costs, and periodic upgrade costs associated with traditional on-premise systems. Platinum Networks provides everything you need for one low monthly subscription fee.

Enterprise-level capabilities

Today’s advanced cloud technologies put the most robust calling and data capabilities within easy reach of your business. No matter what size your organization is, you can now enjoy instant scalability, advanced calling features, limitless call routing, unified communications, and much more.

Evergreen technology

Technology is advancing at a hyper-accelerated rate. But with Platinum Networks, you’ll never have to worry about it. We’ll automatically update your communications systems — voice, data, routing, conferencing and more — as part of your monthly plan. Which means you’ll always have the latest technology at your fingertips, at no additional cost.

Infinitely scalable

Whether you have five employees or five hundred, in one location or several, you can scale your cloud-hosted communications to whatever size you need at any time with just the click of a mouse. Pay only for the features you need, where and when you need them, and tailor custom bundles to meet your specific needs.

Agility and flexibility

Our cloud infrastructure is ready for you to tap into right away. Once we’ve configured and provisioned the system to meet your requirements, you’re good to go, with no additional time needed to purchase and install equipment and phone line connections. From there, you can quickly and easily add users and adjust feature sets whenever you like. Onboarding new users also very simple, getting them up and running right away.

All of your communications unified

The cloud lets you easily combine every type of communication you use — voice, data, conferencing, chat, email and more; into a unified system that empowers your team to work and communicate from anywhere, anytime, on any device. Imagine being able to take calls, instant-message, email, manage voicemail, share files, initiate audio and video conferences, collaborate with other members of your team, and more, centralized in one app on your mobile device or laptop, wherever you are. That’s the power of unified communication for your business.

Fortified business continuity

Hosting your communications in the cloud means you don’t need to build and maintain costly, redundant systems in multiple locations to safeguard against events that could disrupt your business. Platinum Networks hosts your communications on our fully geo-redundant system of data centers that ensure 99.99% uptime. So no matter what happens, your team can still communicate and work wherever they are — and your business can keep on running.

Happy customers

Cloud-based communications support intelligent call routing which immediately sends your customers straight to the right support agent on your team (even if that agent is working remotely on a mobile device), with the right information to quickly address each customer’s needs.

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