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Save up to 40% over traditional communications services.
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Get the same communications capabilities as large enterprises at a fraction of what it used to cost, with cloud communications from Platinum Networks.


Hosted PBX & VoIP

Hosted PBX, one of the advanced Cloud Communications solutions from Platinum Networks, opens up a whole world of possibilities for your business, at a much lower cost than on-premise phone systems. Our advanced phone technology easily scales to your needs and supports your team wherever and however they work — all for one low monthly cost and no capital expenses.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) seamlessly integrates your voice, chat, email, conferencing, voicemail, data, presence, and more in one easy-to-use system that lets your team instantly collaborate and connect with customers — anytime, anywhere. It’s total communication — without boundaries.

SIP Trunking

Use SIP trunking to route your calls with a high-speed broadband internet connection, at a much lower cost than with old-fashioned phone lines. Enjoy crystal clear voice, instantly scale to the number of lines you need, eliminate long-distance fees (because all calls are Internet calls), and leverage your existing phone equipment to maximize your savings.


Rock Solid Cloud Infrastructure

Platinum Networks gives you peace of mind. Our fully geo-redundant data infrastructure has delivered 99.99% uptime non-stop for years. Now with over 200,000 SIP endpoints and many thousands more added monthly, our state-of-the-art infrastructure has proven that it’s up to the task for carrier-grade support of your business communications.

Fantastic Peformance

We boost your cloud telecom system performance with MPLS (Multi-Protocol Labeling Switching), pretty much the gold standard for VoIP connectivity. This is borne out by our VoIP clarity MOS score of 4.3, which basically means crystal clear voice calls for you.


Platinum Networks has been helping businesses strategize and implement the most cost-effective voice and data solutions for decades. Leverage our expertise to configure the right cloud solution for your business needs and quickly get you up and running.


With so many features and benefits available to you from our robust cloud infrastructure, your team is bound to have questions or need technical support from time to time. We’re always happy to help with onboarding, advice and troubleshooting to keep your team productive and satisfied.



Substantial savings


Replace upfront capital and ongoing maintenance costs with a low-cost monthly plan.


Evergreen technology


Cloud technology is automatically updated, so you’ll always have the latest features at your fingertips, at no additional cost.


Agility and flexibility


Our cloud infrastructure is ready when you are. We’ll quickly configure your system to get you going — no installation or wiring required. Adding new users and adjusting features is a snap, too.


Business continuity


Platinum Networks hosts your communications in fully geo-redundant data centers that ensure 99.99% uptime so your business can stay up and running, come what may.


Enterprise-level functions


No matter the size of your business, you’ll get the same scalability, advanced calling features, and unified communications as large businesses.


Inifinitely scalable


Whether you have five employees or five hundred, in one location or several, you can scale your cloud-hosted communications to whatever size you need at any time with just the click of a mouse.


Unified communications


Take calls, instant-message, email, manage voicemail, share files, initiate audio and video conferences, collaborate with your team, and more, all from one app, wherever you are.


Happy customers


Intelligent call routing sends your customers straight to the right support agent with the right information to provide instant service.

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